Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our First Year Anniversary!

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We are starting our new Sweet Madness Bakery blog just as we are celebrating our first year of being in business.  It has been a tremendous journey of growth both on a personal and business level.  When we purchased "Edible Artistry" a year ago and turned it into "Sweet Madness"...we thought we wanted to follow a traditional bakery business model, busy with foot traffic coming and going around the clock.
We soon found out that what we really wanted was to serve customers on a deeper level.  So over the course of this year, we have drilled down to truly figuring out how to set ourselves apart from just being another bakery in the Augusta area.  We put our heart and souls into baking and designing, and we want to deliver a masterpiece for customers who desire cakes with a "WOW" factor.

We have encountered some rough days when it seemed nothing could go right, and we have experienced the joy of many days when we delighted a child and made a bride's special day a lot sweeter.  We have spent this year evaluating our strengths, and weeding out our weaknesses so that we can deliver a "WOW" cake, along with an entire "WOW"  experience.

We are now a "by-appointment bakery", which means that we would like to devote our full attention to customers so they can have a great experience with us.  The process starts by mainly receiving orders via the internet and phone, and scheduling in-person consultations as needed, along with establishing specific hours when we can devote our full attention to receiving drop-in customers.  We want to create something truly special for you, and in order to do that, we must devote our full attention to you in a focused environment with minimal distractions. We are not an assembly line bakery cranking out massive amounts of ordinary cakes! 

The changes we have made as we enter our second year will help us devote quality time and care for our customers' cakes.  We will listen to your vision and together with our skill and creativity, we will create a truly unique cake that tastes great also.
This year has passed with the loss of one of our beloved Sweet Madness family members....our Sweet Madness matriarch for whom our hummingbird logo was lovingly developed.  Joyce is in our hearts each day as we bake.  Each time we see a hummingbird, we feel an extra warmth in our hearts, which is why we chose a hummingbird as our company logo.  We start the day prayerful that our interactions through baking will touch the lives of others.

  It is a joy to know that so many families have enjoyed our cakes this year, and it has been a pleasure to serve you.  We will keep you updated with all the latest on our Sweet Madness blog.

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