Friday, September 14, 2012

A Week of Reflection

This has been a week full of reflection for us as a nation, as a community, and as a family here at Sweet Madness.  This week we all marked the 11th anniversary of September 11.  Our family is full of emergency responders, and we also spent our life devoted to the military.  We know very well that someone who is dedicated to a life of serving others in emergency situations goes to work each day without the guarantee that they will return home.   That still doesn't make it any less painful when tragedy strikes, and we still pray for the families of the 9-11 victims.

And we are again saddened as a community about something that hit closer to home right down the road...we are heartbroken to learn about the tragic accident that took the life of a beautiful 19 year old young lady, who was hit by a drunk driver at the intersection of Ronald Reagan and Washington Road two nights ago.  Our hearts go out to her family, and it's hard to imagine what they're enduring right now.

One realization we had after learning about the accident is that someone very close to the Sweet Madness family actually drove through that same intersection just a few moments before the accident took place, without even knowing that he came so close to being in the center of that tragedy.

This whole week has been a reminder of how fast our lives can change in one instance.  Life is so fragile and short.  We do not know when will be the last time we get to talk to a loved one or a friend.   Days like these, when we're faced with such sad tragedy, it reinforces how important it is to love and support each other, and to be faithful to God's love.

It's amazing how God's love heals wounds.   Eleven years have passed, and our country is stronger in so many ways that we never would have imagined 11 years ago this week.  It is because of God's love and healing over time that has allowed our nation to move forward, never forgetting, but at the same time celebrating and cherishing all the wonderful things that make up our country.

One of our sweet customers who loves New York very, very, very much had us make a special "New York" cake this week.  She wanted her cake to be celebratory and upbeat, like New York remains today.   This is the perfect example of why we love to create cakes with so much deep meaning.

This cake is so much more than a is our own small symbol that serves as a reminder of our country's strength and of God's healing love.



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