Monday, September 24, 2012

Just A Part of The Sweet Madness Family

Hello!   I am about to introduce myself and tell you a Sweet Madness background story that is so unbelievable and crazy that it will blow your mind. 

But first, the boring stuff....My name is Sharon and I am the Marketing Director for Sweet Madness Bakery here in Augusta, Georgia.  I'm writing many of the Sweet Madness blog posts and from now on I will start signing my name and title so you'll know who is filling your brain with all this sweet information!!

I love Sweet Madness so much that I  convinced Ginger and Brandi to let me be their Marketing Director.  Seriously, I was already marketing for them by word of mouth but I wanted to dig my heels in a lot deeper and really help them develop strategies to reach their goals for 2013.  Aren't you lucky for finding this blog because as we go along, I will share tidbits of how we developed the strategy and tips that will hopefully help other businesses reach their goals as well.  So you'll have to keep abreast of this blog because it's really so much more than just a bunch of baking.

ABOUT ME (boring):

I don't have a background or education in marketing.  What I DO HAVE has turned out to be much more valuable though!!     

My Bachelor of Science degree in Counseling from Texas A&M Commerce honestly helps with devising strategies for improving customer relations and service.  The way people interact with each other in business simply intrigues me.   I also have half a Masters degree in business from Troy University...."Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness", and I'm super proud of having half a degree.  I stopped at half because that's all it took to fill my brain up to maximum capacity....apparently it didn't take much for me to get super smart.   I learned just enough leadership theory to realize I am definitely bossy enough to get the job done, which totally qualifies me to be the Marketing Director around here.  Ginger and Brandi think they are the boss, and we will just let them keep thinking that, so ssshhhhhh......

My husband is from Augusta, Georgia and I followed him here 10 years ago.  We have three children whom are named after Presidents, and they love Sweet Madness as much as I do...okay, probably more than I do!

And let me get in a quick plug before moving onto the really cool story about Sweet Madness.  All the really great photography on the Sweet Madness website and blog was taken by moi!    I am the owner of Scribbletime Photography (and Augusta Boudoir), so please visit my website to see what I do in my photography life:  

Oh, and any picture on the blog or website that isn't simply outstanding was taken by Ginger.  Just sayin.  (although her photography skills are improving to the point that she very well could pass me up one day!!).


Okay, so first some background to set the story up so you can appreciate how weird it is.

Sweet Madness is located in Martinez, Georgia and I met Brandi only a couple years ago on the same day that Ginger and I actually carried on a conversation in person for the first time.  It was at a birthday party on the same day that I tasted their cake for the first time.     A lot of firsts happened on that day, and here's the good part.....

  The crazy thing is that our relationship goes back more than 30 years.  Ginger's sister and I were best friends from the third grade.   Yes, you read that right....I spent many days of my childhood in Texas at Ginger's house and her Maw Maw's house....we lived a couple miles from each other in a really, really country town in Texas with a population of under 500 (it's grown some over the years but is still probably under 1,000).  And I didn't even know that for years we've lived just a couple miles from each other in Martinez, Georgia too!!  

This has to be the next best thing to discovering that you have a long lost adopted sister living right down the road!!!

I've come to know Brandi and Ginger really, really, really well in the past couple years and I've seen them at their best and worst. I can honestly say from the depths of my  heart that they are good, wholesome people.   They are caring, giving souls. I adore their relationship....even on days when they don't see eye to eye, and even when they don't always say or do the most perfect things.  They are always willing to learn, grow, and correct their mistakes.  Their hearts are well-grounded, guided by God's word and God's love.  

I truly believe that God brought us together...full that we may learn from each other and encourage each other in life and in business.  It is an honor to know them, an honor to love them, and an honor to boss them around as their Marketing Director and friend.  They've welcomed me with open arms into the Sweet Madness family, and I am looking forward to helping guide them to their 2013 goals with much love in my heart.

xoxo, Sharon

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What a great story! I enjoyed reading your blog and can't wait for more posts :)