Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bunco Night Giveaway

Bunco Moms....You'll want to "share" this on Facebook for sure, and send your friends LIKE us on Facebook too! Visit our website for more information about Sweet Madness Bakery  www.augustacakes.com

Attention Bunco Moms in the CSRA/Augusta area....we are giving away some sweets to one lucky Bunco group.  Just have all your Bunco friends leave a comment below this saying that they want your Bunco group to win.

Oh, and your Bunco group needs to have a name that everyone leaves so we can see how many adoring fans you know, so tell them your Bunco group name, and then tell them to come here and vote on the Sweet Madness Blog.  The group with the most comments "i.e. votes" for them will get a dozen Sweet Madness dessert cups that can be redeemed for a future Bunco night gathering.

Voting ends on the last day of September at 9pm.   Sunday, September 30, 2012 at 10:00 pm...whichever Bunco Group has the most valid number of comments on this post wins (one comment per Bunco Group, and the group name must be named, and NO "anonymous" comments will be counted, so make sure your friends at least leave their first name even if they have to choose the anonymous comment option).

If you have a Bunco night full of guys, no problem...male bunco groups can participate and win too!

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