Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ironman Augusta 70.3 New Beginnings

So over the weekend I was at the Ironman Augusta doing my thing with my camera and for many, finishing the race was a life changing moment. I was so fortunate to be right there watching the emotion pouring from the Ironman participants as they crossed the finish line, and there were plenty of joyful tears from the 3,000+ people who did it. 

I was so touched being right there to share "THE MOMENT" that their foot crossed the finish line, and I got teary-eyed on several occasions. Perhaps the most amazing moments of the entire race were when two guys...at different times....proposed to their girlfriend at the finish line. The first guy was wearing a "Will You Marry Me" t-shirt while he waited for her at the finish line. She said yes!!! 

Then another guy who had already finished the race was waiting for his girlfriend to come across the finish line. He had her engagement ring tied to his medal...he took it off and proposed. Oh wow...all of their parents were there and her daddy was boo-hooing. He was so happy watching his little girl achieve the Ironman finish, but he also got to be there for the start of the rest of her life. Tears of joy were flooding everyone's eyes.

 It was amazing.

 There were many para athletes who finished also. The energy, the emotion, the challenges....the Ironman 70.3 Augusta has all the ingredients for great finishes and great beginnings. Oh, and I know that many of the athletes who did the Ironman are VEGAN, so I'd like to just let you know that Sweet Madness Bakery has Vegan recipes and will be happy to custom make a cake that fits within your diet if you have a sweet tooth.

The Ironman participants burned over 3,000 calories during the race, so I think they have a little bit of room for some cake!!   We make cakes as small as 5", so it's okay to treat yourself every now and then!!

Since the company that hired me for the event actually owns the pictures, I cannot show them here.   So here are couple shots from a cute little cake that went out this past weekend

Have a great week! xoxo, Sharon

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